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The City of KB&B

The City of KB&B

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Why Family Marketing Experts?

There are B2C agencies. And there are B2B agencies.
We are a B2We agency.
Specialized in the most diverse target group in the world: families

We understand the needs of parents, children & Generation Next.

Addressing them correctly optimizes marketing and communication for more than 40 million people.

The Generation Next comprises Generations X, Y, Z and Alpha, all of whom have grown up in a world shaped by technological progress and change. They have their own view of the world and the future and have often been described as digitally savvy and curious.
As a B2We agency, we understand the needs and challenges of Generation Next and can help you develop effective marketing and communications strategies to reach and engage this target group.

There are over 11 millionfamilies in Germany. People from 0 to 60 who live together in diverse parent-child communities, have their own collective identity, and align a wide variety of perspectives, interests, needs, dreams, and goals every day.

They cannot be described using standard personas. They connect generations, move from one stage of development to the next, and gear their everyday lives - and thus their consumption decisions - to ever new challenges.

‍Onepart of them represents purchasing power.

The other future

Brief chronology

We have only just started.

Start as KB&B - Advertising

Three of us, as friends, but already specialised in products for children and families.
K = Kosakowski | B = Braband (birth name of Julia) | B = Birdy (nickname of our former owner Alexander Vogel)

We form "The Kids Group"

Now with more than three employees. The offer is growing and it is called a full-service agency. Already serving national and international clients.

A group of "Family Marketing Experts"

Expertise in communicating with "the family" is increasingly becoming the focus of our work. Consulting and strategy becomes a central component of our offer.

Our team

Meet our motivated crew.

Jessica Dudreuil

Jessica Dudreuil

Senior Art Director
Patrick Reinemann

Patrick Reinemann

Head of Paid Media
André Schulz

André Schulz

Managing Director

Management of all research projects at KB&B in the area of parents and children, including quantitative and qualitative studies. This includes the customized design of the appropriate research methodology according to client needs, writing questionnaires, conducting interviews, moderating group discussions as well as analyzing the results and making meaningful recommendations for the next steps.

Background:15 years experience as a university lecturer and professor of marketing, followed by 12 years experience in marketing to families, children and the education sector.


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