A campaign as strong as a bear


Conception and production of a moving image campaign for TV with a 20" as well as for online with an adapted 20" and 6" for the target group of children.
Announcement promotion and implementation of the storytelling approach through conception and production of radio plays and a bear song. Creation of an ad master for digital and analogue forms of advertising.


Creation / conception of 3 routes for a TV spot with treatments and elaboration of storyboards for the selected idea. MaFo on storyboards with children, research, selection and briefing of animatics to production agency (animation factory), shooting support/preparation, post-production).

Creation and conception of 2 radio plays in which Bärchen and his friends get to know each other and experience exciting adventures. From the planning to the script, the recording to the finished cover, everything was realised.
Production of a Bear song for the target group of children, which is used in the TV commercial as well as in the radio plays and on the new website. Composition, text, all legal aspects and the recording and coordination of the finished catchy tune "Tatze Drauf".


A major communication offensive for the launch of the new Bear World from August 2020. This includes an attention-grabbing spot broadcast on TV and online with massive use of TV with approx. 18 million gross contacts in the target group of children aged 6-10. The Bear commercial can be admired on SRTL, Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel, Bear and his friends are smiling at readers in various trade magazines and online media, and there are exciting adventures and the song for download on the website - with catchy tunes guaranteed for children and parents!

That's what the customer says:

"By combining the different communication elements in web, TV, radio play and audio as well as packaging, we can build a whole experience around our Bärchen," says Viktoria Edelburg, Junior Brand Manager Bärchen. "The Bärchen brand now shines in a modern light thanks to the coordinated communication components. This will allow us to further expand awareness and popularity."

Further work.