Maya the Bee is a high flyer on Instagram & Co. as well

Support and further development of the social media channels for Germany's best-known bee. It is important to the client Studio 100 Media that the existing target group is looked after as well as rejuvenated. The goal is to keep the perception in the German market high and to address important topics of insect protection. The preservation of biodiversity is an important topic for "Maya the Bee".

Fields of action:

  • Analysis and insights: Focus on brand and channel status
  • Concept and strategy
  • Target definition
  • Selection of supporting social media tools
  • Creation of editorial and content planning
  • Creation of content in text and images with appropriate hashtags
  • Community management
  • Reporting and optimisation
  • Consulting


From the insights of a comprehensive analysis, we defined a custom-fit positioning of the brand and identified a target group with sustainable potential in addition to the main target group. On the basis of a detailed strategic derivation, an agile editorial plan was developed, which is synchronised with all marketing activities of the brand.

Under the new hashtags and post icons, there will be regular content on #beesmart, #beetogether and #beecreative. The aim is for Maya the Bee to also become a contact point for creative impulses for families with children in the future. Craft instructions, funny knowledge posts, but also important topics on nature conservation. These will not be communicated "with a raised forefinger", but in the sweet, curious tone that characterises the bee.

Daily interaction with the community is particularly important, which is why stories about the characters and stories are created daily. An important point is the continuous tracking and analysis. KB&B permanently determines the success of the campaign and can intervene at short notice if a mechanism does not fulfil the desired purpose.


  • Increase in commitment after 6 weeks
  • Increase in followers on Instagram
  • Increase post-interaction




Further work.