CHOIZ! It's in your hands!

CHOIZ! is a responsive application that works on all devices. It deals with the 17 sustainability goals of the German government and makes the topic tangible for pupils. Teachers accompany the new way of imparting knowledge. Provided by the Hamburg State Institute for Teacher Training and School Development.


Teaching via digital devices. Raising awareness and activating action on the basis of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for topics relevant to the future and society.


The web application enables teachers and educators to transfer the SDG content across classes, lessons and learning levels . Pupils from grade 7 to 13 are sensitised, informed in a multi-sensory way and activated. CHOIZ! encourages reflection and modification of one's own attitude and actions. By experiencing how they help to shape the world, students are strengthened in their self-efficacy.

Der Inhalt: Die Website (https://news.choiz.org) überzeugt durch eine aufbauende und einfache Struktur. Gelernte Anwendungsmechaniken machen die Webanwendung intuitiv bedienbar. Interaktive Elemente vermitteln spielerisch Lernstoff. Fakten- sowie Quiz-Module aktivieren den Entdeckergeist. Eine Wissenszufuhr mittels Filme, Audiofiles, Infografiken, Bildern, spannende Texte stimulieren den Zugang. Downloadmaterial und weiterführende Links vertiefen. Eine “ActionMap” zeigt nicht nur Aktionen in Hamburg an, sondern inspiriert und lädt zur Darstellung eigener Projekte ein.

"As specialists in educational communication with cross-media team structures, they offer sustainable and tailor-made results focused on our target groups of pupils and teachers."

Head of the Lesson Development Sub-Department, Andreas Giese

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