Campaign for the launch of the Brockenbande

After developing a marketing strategy for the Harz Tourism Association with the recommendation to build a communication strategy for children aged 6 - 10, the "Brockenbande" was launched.

Fundamental to all communication and sub-measures are four characters/protagonists who are to "have their say" within the framework of the marketing strategy and convey content in a child-friendly and imaginative way. These protagonists - the so-called Brockenbande - are Henry, Luke, Hanna and Emma. They stand individually with character, characteristics, appearance and clothing as identification figures for the target group. In addition, they are also assigned Harz themes and travel occasions related to their characters.


Based on the basic concept, various measures for future communication were planned. The focus was on a website with audio-based content. This was to be supplemented by further communication measures.
For the accompanying advertising, a magazine in print version was to be created. The magazine was to be published in DIN A4 format and have 16 pages. The development of suitable contents was part of our task. We were able to work out central elements from the above-mentioned concept and the online marketing we had implemented; new content was created by our team and illustrators and copywriters already familiar with the project.
Building on these measures, a target group-oriented campaign was to promote the Brockenbande and the Harz mountains as a destination for families and children from May 2022, parallel to the launch of the website. A multi-channel campaign in target group-specific online and offline media and formats as well as suitable cross-marketing campaigns were planned.

In order to lead the specific marketing activities of the Harz Tourism Association e.V. to sustainable success with a suitable offer and product design of the service providers in the region, corresponding content-related foundations should be created for the service providers. A written guideline for action and a one-day workshop for service providers in the Harz region should be carried out.


From the awarding of the contract for the magazine in mid-February 2022 to the handover of the print file in mid-May 2022, we were able to work successfully and very cooperatively together with the Harzer Tourismusverband e.V.. With a few good shoulder turns, our concept, the material created and the entire editorial work were successfully implemented.
The market launch was also implemented in close coordination with the client after the award and a kick off in March. The conception of the campaign, the selection of suitable media and means of communication and the creation of the assets could be completed by May with only a few rounds of coordination.

A 1/1 ad was booked and created in the ZEIT LEO on the U4 page and in the DB Leselok, the ad in the Leselok is flanked by a competition in the DB family newsletter with over 1 million subscribers.
The digital campaign targets children and/or parents on Instagram & Facebook as well as Google. Various formats and animated content invite visitors to the website. A YouTube video arouses curiosity about the activities in the Harz in 20 seconds.

The workshop was successfully held in mid-May 2022 with over 50 participants. The workshop included basic knowledge on how to address children and families, information on the market volume, approaches to developing products and experiences for children, and a joint identification of possibilities for interlinking activities. Finally, the handbook was created with the results of the workshop and made available to all partners and members.


The magazine was published in June 2022, just in time for the summer season, and distribution is carried out by the association's cooperation partners and members.
The advertisements in ZEIT LEO and DB LeseLok were published at the beginning of June and the digital campaign has been running since mid-May. Monitoring of the campaign will optimise playout until the end of August 2022.
The workshop and press conference for more than 50 partners and numerous media was very successful and we wish all participants much joy and success in implementing the wafer from the workshop and the handbook this year and in the years to come.


Further work.