TKKG Junior - Visualisation and launch of the new series

The detectives Tim, Karl, Dumpling and Gaby solve their cases with imagination, humour and intuition. TKKG Junior is a diversification of the well-known radio play and book series. The content and presentation appeal to a younger target group of pre-school and primary school age.



Visualisation and market launch campaign for the series TKKG Junior with product focus on the radio plays - for an expanded product portfolio for potential licensing partners.



Forthe market launch, a detective scavenger hunt was activated - with Tim, Karl, Dumpling and Gaby from TKKG Junior. Under the motto "Junior detectives on the hunt for clues now!", families all over Germany celebrated the summer. The campaign was distributed digitally via social media and other channels. The campaign package could be downloaded from

The action package: a downloadable booklet with all the relevant content for a scavenger hunt plus a competition, schedule, print templates for puzzles and tasks, including instructions for games, decorations and handicrafts, detective invitations, badges and certificates.

Theproducts - radio play CDs - and the joint online presence with TKKGserve to visualise the brand .


Market launch campaign
Creative process
Scavenger Hunt with TKKG Junior


Further work.