New Deutsche Bahn children's website: bahn-kids.de

Child friendly preparation

Attention-grabbing, inviting graphic elements and a great variety of content in text, images and video present a wide range of topics - with mechanics such as the read-aloud function prepared especially for the target group.

Exciting topics

Trains, mega-machines, rolling laboratories, four-legged detectives, flying drones and fascinating knowledge about the world of Deutsche Bahn can all be discovered on the Group's new website for children, www.bahn-kids.de. The Deutsche Bahn website for children is divided into six thematic areas with content to amaze, play with and be creative about.

"Children have lots of questions. We want to give them answers and get the kids excited about the railroad with different formats: videos, quizzes, interviews and our little online games, more detailed info for older kids, read-alouds and craft fun for the little ones. But we also take the opportunity to inform about proper behavior at rail facilities."

Communication roadmap

The media kit consists of previews that fascinate, activate and inspire with qualitative content. Children are made curious with interesting content and questions and thus motivated to look around the website. In addition, there is an opening raffle with 50 prizes. The communication for the relaunch is played out via Deutsche Bahn's owned media channels.


The new children's website of Deutsche Bahn www.bahn-kids.de offers content suitable for children on topics relating to the world of bahn.

There are videos, quizzes, interviews and small online games, as well as craft ideas and a read-aloud function.

Deutsche Bahn inspires children with high quality content and sapnnend information.

The relaunch will be communicated via Deutsche Bahn's owned media channels and will start with an inaugural competition.

Further work.