Podcast: Stories from the fairytale castle

Podcast: Stories from the fairytale castle

Podcasts are not only a relevant topic in the adult sector, but are also becoming increasingly important for children. Young people use podcasts because individual usage habits are taken into account. Parents prefer podcasts to videos because they allow screen-free time. Despite these positive trends, the availability of child-friendly and child-safe content is very limited.

At KB&B, we have set ourselves the goal of rethinking podcasts in Germany, expanding the definition in the direction of the American definition of "audio play": away from purely dialogue-based exchanges, towards exciting scripts, imaginative productions, linking various audio possibilities for information and entertainment.


Through a frame story in the podcast "Stories from the Fairytale Castle" we have created a podcast serial, i.e. a continuation story in which knowledge can be integrated in a playful way on the one hand, and fairytale content can be embedded on the other.

 The frame story takes place in a castle - the fairytale castle - where the main characters of the podcast meet again and again and experience adventures together. Knowledge about the origin of the fairy tales, the famous authors, the way of life at that time is conveyed in dialogue within the podcasts by the main characters. The fairy tales themselves are read aloud by one of the characters in a cosy library atmosphere by the fireplace. The setting of the cosy reading aloud in a personal environment is integrated into the podcast.


This case shows that we are rethinking content with our audio unit: a mixture of classic dialogue, audio book and audio production within a podcast series.

Since the release we already have over 3,000 plays on HEAROOZ, Spotify, Apple and Deezer, with top 5 star ratings.

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