SOS-Kinderdorf Campus


Optimised distribution and communication measures to increase brand awareness and loyalty among the target group of teachers and students.


A modification of the distribution channels and means of communication. A sharpening of the offers for secondary level 1/2 - in the form of teaching modules, school runs as well as excursions - promotes social competence and personality development. Differentiated approaches aim at a sustainable effect.

Addressing teachers: A relaunch of the mailings to the schools and the network, the ministries increases the reach and perception of the offer. It is planned to optimise digital access (e.g. via website and online booking calendar) by means of a new UX/UI concept. Newsletters via teacher portals communicate in a flanking manner. The design of trade fair and event stands as well as various workshops increase the presence of SOS Children's Villages Campus.

Mailing extract
Accompanying communication

Addressing pupils: What moves the target group? What do they want? A planned further development of the content of the school offers picks up the pupils in a more needs-oriented and everyday-relevant way. Refined handouts provide lasting support. Experience-oriented measures enable longer-term support. An example is an active poster with the testimonial Marco Reus on the topic of "Promoting Social Competence". It playfully strengthens the class community and extends the #Alle13Minutencampaign in a meaningful way.

Action posters to strengthen the class community

Further work.