EUROPA is looking for the master detectives!

For the 8th time, primary school children slip into the role of detectives to solve an educational case in the world of digital media. For the first time, TKKG Junior are the protagonists, who address children of primary school age even more specifically.


A campaign to publicise the new series TKKG Junior and a continuation of the successful school campaign.


An educational detective game with Tim, Karl, Dumpling and Gaby from TKKG Junior is launched via curriculum-related and everyday-relevant teaching material. Pupils investigate in the world of digital media. The common goal is to stop cyberbullying - for more safety.

The package: Information booklet for teachers, teaching material with flexibly applicable worksheets, two issues of the GEOlino special issue with insert for content enrichment as well as a cyberbullying poster from ROLAND Rechtsschutz-Versicherung, age-appropriate work material with action-related tasks, a site plan poster, an extensive offender index, a variety of stickers to visualise the success of the investigation, detective badges, TKKG media driver's licences, certificates and an accompanying audio CD with the radio play heroes of TKKG. Further extras: the TKKG media driving licence to raise awareness of the dangers of the digital world and a guide for teachers.

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