Study: Brand Children 2020

Study: Brand Children 2020

This year, our annual MARKEN-KINDER study focuses on sustainability. This is a topic that moves us all and we asked children and parents what influence the topic has on their consumption decisions, for example, and how they perceive and evaluate brands with regard to the topic and what they expect from them.

The following are some examples of the results:

  • The "Fridays For Future" movement has only a limited influence on the purchasing decisions of children and parents.
  • Only the Deutsche Bahn and EDEKA brands are rated as environmentally friendly by children and parents.
  • Conversely, parents perceive Nestlé, VW and McDonald's as brands that are little to no environmentally friendly.
  • But: 56% of parents expect "to a great extent" or "very much" that everyday brands also clearly position themselves in their public communication on the topics of sustainability, climate protection and environmental compatibility.
  • Nevertheless, 50% of parents and 53% of children (aged 11-14) find it difficult to distinguish between products that are climate-friendly or environmentally friendly and those that are not.
  • But: 62.5% of parents and 46.2% of children (aged 11 - 14) believe that they can influence brands' attitudes towards environmentally and climate-friendly behaviour through their behaviour.
  • Parents are more willing to pay for sustainable products: e.g. 26% of parents are willing to pay up to 10% more for sustainably produced food (17% up to 20% more and 10% more than 20%).

Of course, you will find many more useful insights in our study on the topic of sustainability, brand and family. We can certainly answer your questions on the topic directly and work with you to develop strategies and concepts on how you can position your brand as a sustainable and environmentally friendly brand with the target group of children and family.

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