Diary Heroes 2022 wanted!


The digital, connected world opens up new, exciting opportunities for children. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay with oneself and believe in oneself. How do we strengthen children as individuals and their mental balance?


The school material "Diary Heroes 2022 Wanted!" supports the development of a happy and self-confident personality. The material is based on the contents of the "6-Minute Diary for Children" by Rowohlt Verlag. It awakens the enthusiasm for writing in German and extracurricular lessons. It helps to build up a stable writing competence. Teachers use it to facilitate individual learning, train self-awareness and encourage a curious engagement with the world.

Content-rich extras encourage active participation. An accompanying learning poster ensures aha-knowledge and interaction. Motivational cards help with challenges. Prizes ranging from an unforgettable project day at school to book packages provide lasting inspiration.  

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