Status: 01.08.2023

Code of Conduct for KB&B - Family Marketing Experts in dealing with communication directed at children and young people:


As a specialist agency for children and family marketing, we are aware of the special responsibility we have in dealing with this sensitive target group. Children and young people require special protection due to their personal development. We are committed to observing and implementing the following principles in all our advertising activities.


  1. Naturalness and authenticity: We will not use children's statements about products that do not correspond to their natural expressions of life.
  2. Safety: we will not present children in dangerous situations without just cause.
  3. Righteousness: We will not present criminal acts or other misconduct as worthy of emulation or approval.
  4. Dignity: We will not portray children as sexual objects.
  5. Emotional sensitivity: we will not use realistic scenes that could be experienced as stressful or fearful in the context of children's lives.
  6. Responsible consumption: We will not make direct purchase requests to children or ask them to persuade their parents or third parties to make a purchase.
  7. Protection of trust: We will not abuse the special trust that children have in parents, teachers and other trusted persons.
  8. Data protection: We are committed to protecting the personal data of children and young people and to complying with all relevant data protection laws and regulations.
  9. Parental consent: When using images or statements of children in advertising, we will always obtain the written consent of the parent or guardian.
  10. Compliance with Laws and Regulations: We are committed to complying with all relevant national and international laws and regulations, including those specifically relating to advertising and marketing to minors.
  11. Transparency: We will communicate clearly and transparently so that children and young people can recognize advertising as such.

For advertising aimed specifically at young people, the following apply in addition:

  1. Inexperience and gullibility: We will not make direct purchase solicitations to young people that take advantage of their inexperience and gullibility.
  2. Protecting the trust of young people: We will not abuse the special trust that young people have in parents, teachers and other trusted persons.

Final provisions:

  • Periodic Review and Update: This Code of Conduct will be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure that it is consistent with evolving legal and ethical standards.

We are committed to observing and implementing these principles in our daily work. We recognize the responsibility we have towards children and young people and will do everything in our power to protect their interests and well-being.

This Code of Conduct reflects KB&B - Family Marketing Experts' commitment to promoting and implementing ethical and responsible advertising practices.

It serves as a guide for all staff and partners to ensure that communication with children and young people is always in line with the highest ethical standards.