Market research specifically for families.

The core of FACT family is a database with over 30,000 active accounts of children between the ages of zero and fourteen and their parents - making it the only online panel in Germany for representative surveys of children and their parents.

Both quantitative and qualitative online surveys can be carried out via FACT family, and the whole process is of course GDPR-compliant.

FACT has been in use since mid-2010 and has been further developed
to FACT family - including
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FACT family

Your advantages.


Gain more security

for your business decisions by asking your target group directly.


Create a competitive advantage for yourself,

by directly asking your target group about trends.


Use your marketing budget even more efficiently,

by testing the impact of your measures directly with your target group.

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André Schulz
André Schulz
Managing Director
Consulting, market research, staff
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You can continue to make your decisions without FACT family - if you can affordthat. 


Answers within 24 hours.

From over 30,000 registered users.
Validate ideas and decisions in the shortest possible time.
Father and daughter looking at a tablet together

Data quality

Because not all families are the same.

Surveys through precise target group selection based on various criteria.
Family playing a video game together and standing in front of the TV set

A perfect fit

Application of all market research methods.

Age- and child-appropriate - including the uploading of everyday videos.
Selection of the right survey instruments for your questions.
Answers at FACT family are filled in on a tablet

Cost efficiency

Faster and cheaper.

Than face-to-face surveys.
Surveys according to your budget and timing.
Father and son fill out a survey together on the tablet


Modular service.

From initial concept and data collection to strategic recommendations.
We support you - according to your wishes - in every phase of your market research project.
A boy builds with Lego and takes part in a survey



Collection of data directly at the time of purchase or use.
Valuable consumer data on product purchase or use in the shortest possible time.
A boy eats a yoghurt with a QR-COde on it

FACT family

The right market research strategy for your question.

Quantitatively, qualitatively, during product use.
A girl takes a selfie of herself and the family

Family database.

  • Largest database of families - children and parents - for quantitative surveys in Germany.
  • More than 30,000 registered users.
  • Precise filter options for target group definitions.
  • Quick results - often within 24 hours.

Understanding the target groups.

  • Market research based on a deep understanding of the target group of children and families.
  • Child-friendly preparation of the survey - up to having the questions read aloud.
  • Possibility of handover between family members within an interview.

Incentivising the participants.

  • High motivation and loyalty of the test persons due to customised incentives.
  • Possibility of barter deals for clients to reduce survey costs.

FACT family

Exclusive features.


Psychographic criteria

Clustering according to
psychographic criteria relevant to purchasing behaviour now makes it possible to identify
and select parents and, above all, now also children according to typologies, lifestyles, personality traits and attitudes - and not only according to
socio-demographics. Based on this, extremely differentiated marketing campaigns can be developed.

Survey in purchase or usage situation

With "Product2Survey", the survey is conducted directly in the purchase or usage situation - via a QR code or your barcode attached to the product. This makes it possible to acquire respondants from among your buyers and to conduct a survey directly during unboxing or product use.

Security through Watermark

(Product) photos - especially of prototypes and products in the development stage - are effectively protected against screenshots or downloads and their distribution by an individual watermark consisting of USER ID and IP address. The unauthorised placing on the market can thus be precisely traced.

Read aloud function for children

The "Text2Speech" feature allows even pre-school children to be interviewed directly, as questions can be read aloud in qualitative as well as quantitative online surveys.


Surveys can be forwarded to several family members, e.g. via Messenger. In the end, all answers are included in one survey, including a star bonus for everyone!

Multimedia integration

Images, video and audio files can be integrated into the questionnaires and be the subject of the survey.

FACT family

Other features.


High data quality

In the case of online surveys for children, the questionnaires are designed in an age-appropriate way, among other things by taking children's cognitive abilities into account or by supporting the questions with symbols and pictures.

Cost efficiency

Faster and cheaper than face-to-face surveys.
We advise and accompany you to efficiently implement surveys according to your budget and timing.

Agile market research processes

Because the results can be delivered at short notice, the results can be reintegrated into ongoing processes - for example in product development - and tested immediately.


Through cooperation with international partners, market research is also possible across national borders. Preferably in Europe, but also in the relevant core markets of the world.


Both quantitative and qualitative online surveys can be carried out via FACT family, and of course they are GDPR-compliant.


We meet the requirements of the joint guideline for the interviewing of minors of the associations for market and social research (ADM, ASI, BVM, DGOF) of 1996 as amended 01/2021
André Schulz
If you have any questions, I will be happy to advise you.
André Schulz
Managing Director
Consulting, market research, staff
Market research is seen as an expense, an investment. Yet it is actually an instrument that helps to save money. Especially when it is as perfectly tailored to clients and target groups, as FACT familyis.

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