AI Code of Conduct

Status: 01.06.2023

  1. KB&B uses AI tools in a human-centered and value-driven manner so that they serve to support, enhance human capabilities, and more efficiently achieve client and agency goals.
  2. KB&B is committed to using AI tools in a lawful and compliant manner. The AI Act of the European Union is the guiding principle here.
  3. KB&B undertakes to apply all necessary data protection measures. In particular, KB&B checks all facts generated by the use of AI tools and undertakes not to integrate any sensitive and confidential customer data, which may be business, competition and / or trade secrets, into algorithm-based decision-making systems.
  4. KB&B expressly acknowledges the obligation to consider the ethical and moral use of AI tools. In particular, KB&B undertakes not to produce and distribute content that discriminates against ethnic groups, gender and/or religious orientation, contains violence, hatred or other inappropriate content or is likely to harm children in their development.
  5. KB&B communicates openly and transparently with its customers about the use of AI instruments in an appropriate manner and provides information about the manner of use at their request.
  6. KB&B undertakes to keep abreast of technical developments in AI instruments and the associated opportunities, risks and requirements at all times and to inform its customers about this at their request within the scope of consulting mandates.
  7. KB&B explicitly recognizes that the transfer of knowledge and competencies regarding the application possibilities of AI tools is the essential prerequisite for their responsible and successful implementation. In connection with quality assurance, KB&B undertakes to train its employees in the responsible use of AI tools at all times and to keep knowledge and skills up to date.
  8. KB&B recommends its suppliers and freelancers to subscribe to this KB&B KI Code of Conduct.
  9. KB&B regularly reviews this AI Code of Conduct in light of the rapid technical development of AI tools and responsibly adapts it as necessary to ensure that the overarching requirements for the use of AI tools (legal compliance, human-centeredness and value orientation, ethical and moral dimension of use, data protection) are always guaranteed.