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Video for the ears.

Audio / Podcast especially for children and families.

Podcasts can entertain, educate and transport listeners into a world of fantasy.
Pleasure for the ears!

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Our Competence Unit HEAROOZ-Universum: Your Partner for Successful Podcasts for Children

In the world of digital media, podcasts for kids are an emerging trend.
Our HEAROOZ universe specializes in the production, marketing and promotion of children's podcasts.

We make sure your message is heard - by all kids!

Consulting & Strategy: We support you in using podcasts as a valuable part of your communication strategy or content marketing.

Conception & Production: As idea providers and producers of many successful children's podcasts, we find the best implementation for your brand.

Marketing & Distribution: With over 200,000 podcast downloads per month, we know how to reach your target audience and make your podcast easy to find.

Advertising & Sponsorship: We offer high-quality environments for your successful advertising in podcasts for children and families.

Experience and know-how: With our experience and know-how in the production and marketing of children's podcasts, we can give your brand a lasting and emotional charge.

Competence-Unit HEAROOZ-Universum: Your partner for successful podcasts for children

We ❤️ Podcasts - for children.

Our audio unit is a group of people who love and create audio/podcasts for children. With years of experience in producing countless hours of valuable content.
Our goals are to open up podcasts as a promotional medium for children and at the same time establish child-friendly standards and best practices for this medium.

Audio / Podcast

Podcasts: What exactly do they do?

Podcasts can be much more than just "two people talking".
Podcasts can captivate children with an exciting script and imaginative production and inform, entertain and pick up the target group even in short episodes.
If you make use of all these possibilities that a podcast offers, then there are many approaches to using this form as a content marketing tool.

Our podcast team thinks very creatively and sometimes things happen that seem out of this world ...

It's time for good audio products

Why you should start with audio / podcasts for kids with us now.

Children love stories.

And immersion in new worlds. Reading aloud, reading alone or listening to audio formats inspire the imagination and promote age-appropriate development.

Audio becomes the new video.

Audio fits much better with children's usage habits and daily routines than video (e.g. YouTube). In terms of children's usage time and acceptance by parents, audio content is far ahead of video.

Audio is content marketing.

Audio content brings your brand to life and gives it depth. No matter which "show format" you choose, it will always be a highly meaningful addition to your marketing. And it generates new fans.

Podcasts create loyalty.

Podcasts are characterised by a high degree of continuity. Produced regularly, they are consumed again and again. Listeners do not have to be acquired anew with each episode.

Podcast is the new radio.

Podcast is radio on demand and always has the desired content ready. For young people, live radio is no longer relevant. They use podcasts because they adapt much better to their individual usage situations. Children decide when they want to listen to the programmes they want. Not the programme makers at the radio stations.

Reach explodes.

Mobile devices currently offer the highest reach for podcasts - even among children. But with the arrival of smart speakers in private households, a much larger platform is emerging.
All children listen: 86.5% listen to audio content daily
Study: Kids & Audio 2019

Audio & Podcasts = Content Marketing

The potential of podcasts in Germany seems enormous: ten million mostly young, brand-savvy, affluent and quality-conscious listeners form a market that is far from being exhausted.

Companies have the opportunity to generate reach with suitable audio content.

We plan and produce the right audio content for you!

KB&B Studios

Your full-service agency for audio and podcasts - for children and families.

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Integrated concept for podcasts

Benefit from our years of experience in the development of target group-specific content.
This guarantees your best podcast audio concept.

And we integrate podcasts as an advertising medium in your integrated marketing concept.
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Audio & podcast production

Our experienced team of audio specialists for speech, audio play, production, sound design and music composition offers you the entire range of services related to podcast production - in the highest quality, from a single source and at reasonable prices.
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Podcast distribution

Whether free or paid, we are happy to advise and support you with the technical integration on all known platforms.

With direct contacts to some of the largest providers of podcasts, in order to give you the best reach.
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Marketing for your audio content & podcasts

Rely on our years of marketing know-how for your podcast as well.

With the right strategy, we make your podcast visible and successful. With children and their parents.

KB&B Studios

Exclusive podcast productions from our house.

YUMMI - A children's podcast and magazine about nutrition.

Join our podcasters Ben and Anna to learn more about food, sports, animals and more.
As YUMMI podcasters, they travel all over the world. There they experience exciting adventures - whether on fishing boats in the ocean, on orange plantations or in a snowy winter hut. On their adventures they learn many interesting things: How are fruits and vegetables grown? How are fish caught? What are the traditions of children in other countries? And how do they keep fit? Their favourite topics include food, sports, animals and the environment.
WISHED! Time travel into crime

The podcast for the ERWISCHT! radio plays. Another podcast about true crime? Yes, but this time it's about everything that is bloodless: train robberies, bank robberies, art thefts, blackmail or fraud. David, Jonas and Emma explain the backgrounds to the most famous crimes in history. They also explain many methods of criminology and law enforcement. There is only one thing they don't reveal in this podcast: That they have a spell book that allows them to travel through time and witness the crimes themselves. So they really know what they are talking about!
WAS IST WAS - The Podcast.

Experience the great world of knowledge of WAS IST WAS now also as an entertaining podcast. Immerse yourself in the exciting stories of the popular WAS IST WAS books. For children and parents.
Simply learn vocabulary - learn English with kapiert.de
Welcome to our English podcast "Einfach Vokabeln lernen" from Westermann Bildungsmedien Verlag.

This podcast supports you in learning English vocabulary and is primarily for students in grades 5 to 7. However, if you want to brush up on your vocabulary, the podcast is of course suitable for all ages. What's special about this podcast is that it should be relaxing and educational at the same time.
Beautiful audio stories for the whole family - presented by Familie & Co
A whole series of podcasts for children will appear exclusively for Familie & Co. Important topics such as life advice, nutrition or health will be presented in an exciting way in current podcast episodes for the child listeners.
Welcome to "ICH & WIR - the youth podcast of SOS Children's Villages". This is the right place for you if you are 12 or older, want to tackle your challenges and shape your life. The podcast gives tips and life hacks on how you can keep your own life under control even in crisis situations or how you can stand by your friends in turbulent situations.
Kinderzeit - the day care podcast for educators in day care centres, kindergartens and schools
What actually makes a good day care centre? What about child protection in day care centres? How do day care centre managers deal with the shortage of skilled workers? How can we encourage children to develop their talents and interests? What constitutes good digital education for young children? The new Kinderzeit podcast is dedicated to these and other important questions of everyday day care.
The É Team - the Healthier Kids Podcast
Live healthier, have more fun, feel good - preferably all at once! Is that possible? Of course it is. And is it difficult? Not if you know how. And that's exactly what the É-Team finds out. In entertaining and amazingly informative podcast episodes, the É-Team gives all children between 7 and 12 lots of good tips: Lili and Felix put all the facts in a clear and understandable order in the É-Team studio.
Adventures in the MAGIC MAGS world
Experience exciting adventures in the magical MAGIC MAGS world with our popular school bag motifs Fairy Malu, Ninja Yuma, Unicorn Nuala and Panther Chiko.
Maybe your favourite Step by Step motif will appear in one of the exciting stories?
Let yourself be enchanted!
Stories from the fairytale castle
Not a normal fairytale podcast, but a fantastic mixture of radio play, audio book and knowledge podcast. For all children and adults who love fairy tales and exciting stories.

The HEAROOZ team wishes you lots of fun in the fairytale castle.
Reinert Bärchen
The Bärchen gang, animal friends who stick together. Be there when Bärchen, Holli Hörnchen, Didi Dachs and Hugo Hase experience exciting radio adventures together!
Paws on it!
Dream destination - A dream trip to the sea.
A great example of how "exciting" a relaxation podcast can be for children.

Caution, don't fall asleep!
HEAROOZ - the podcast app for kids

You have audio content, we have the platform.

What the HEAROOZ app offers you.
  • the only child-safe and child-friendly podcast app
  • Content reviewed and recommended by the editorial team
  • Large section of free content
  • Subscription area with attractive revenue model for content partners
  • Own brand channels
  • high reach
  • extensive reporting
If you already have audio content for children, e.g. podcasts, audio books, programmes, then by all means let's talk about the possibilities of a successful integration.

If you don't have audio content yet, but you have written content for children or other ideas for integrating audio into your marketing, let's talk too.

And for anyone who still has new ideas for audio content for children, we are happy to listen attentively.

Audio & Podcast Productions

A selection of our current works.

Rolf Kosakowski
That sounds good to you? Then let us talk.
Rolf Kosakowski
Managing Director, Owner

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