Employer branding

We make your company attractive for the talents of tomorrow.

Are you also concerned about the shortage of skilled workers? Do you have great training places but too few applicants?

Whether recruiting apprentices, dual studies, traineeships or positions for young professionals, we strengthen your employer brand and help you find the right young talents.

Young people at work

Use our expertise for your success.

  • Proven knowledge of the needs of the young target group
  • Experience with successful marketing mechanisms for youth and young adults
  • Creation that hits the right tonality
  • Networking with educational institutions and the relevant platforms

Why employer branding for young talent?

Competition for the best trainees and young professionals has intensified dramatically in recent years. Companies must position themselves as attractive employers in order to appeal to the new generation of potential applicants.

The needs and demands of school and university graduates have changed: Work-life balance, flexible working hours, mobile working and home office, new work models and a longing for self-fulfilment at work make employer communication with young people and young adults a challenge that requires the expertise of specialists.
Young people work outdoors

Successful employer branding needs proven specialists

KB&B combines over 20 years of experience in marketing for young people with the latest insights and learnings from daily work for the target group - from educational communication to TikTok campaigns.

We help you provide young people with orientation and show them exciting opportunities. In this way, you can increase identification with the company, achieve differentiation from the competition and bind young talents to your company in the long term.
Over 20 years
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Target group insights

We define your target group and identify their needs in detail to enable relevant communication.
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Communication strategy

We develop a suitable media strategy and select the right channels in a targeted manner.
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Access via schools

Teachers and school staff in secondary schools and colleges can be involved in activities to reach the target group directly.
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Do you still have questions? I will be happy to help you.
Ingo Keßler
Strategy Director
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