And glitter is a colour after all.

Creative creations for children & families.

With us you get the perfect design for products, applications and communication. With the experience of thousands of artworks and based on our own research.

Graffiti - Girl drinking from pipe

There is no such thing as THE children and certainly not THE family.

Children oscillate in their developmental phases between belonging, mainstream and absolute individuality!

These everlasting phases of discovery and actual, bio-physically conditioned, synaptic recoding require sensitivity and a high degree of experience to develop relevant designs for this demanding target group(s). We take into account the constantly changing needs of families as well as technological and social changes.

Our own market research provides efficient and targeted insights into your questions - colour palettes, packaging, usability of digital products - we know what children love and families want and design entire worlds for them.

The world is colourful and stimulating.

This is not a clichรฉ or justification for the use of many colours and the renunciation of valuable white space. It is based on developmental psychology and physiology.

Our creative design solutions always take into account strategy, means and ends - whether holistic brand development, magazine design, illustrations/character development, digital apps, integrated campaigns or comprehensive educational campaigns.
Graffiti - Girl drinking from pipe

Our creative process: experience, creativity ...

By combining our many years of expertise, a high level of creativity, well-founded market research and constant evaluation, you will receive the most promising creative from us. For physical or digital products, always specialised for the perception of children or their parents.
Liquid paint with glitter on a white sheet of paper
Data-driven design

... plus data.

The communication channels of children and parents are becoming more and more modern and diverse. Their time to grasp design is getting shorter and shorter and their decisions on it faster and faster.

That's why data is an important tool for us to start the creative process, but also to optimise it continuously. With modern evaluation tools and our market research tool FACT family, we can continuously achieve the optimal result for you.

We call this: data-driven design.
Data is projected onto the upper body of a woman

He who laughs wins.

It is the most positive emotion and the strongest development engine. That's why the design or creative idea has to be fun.

But: This does not mean that we only scratch the surface!

Children want to get to the bottom of things and understand them. They want to be taken seriously and be an active part of communication. That's why content and knowledge transfer are important components of "colourful ideas!"

We tell stories.

With colourful characters, role models, heroes, adversaries and lots of kablooey.

We develop designs, stories and style guides that fit your brand and fire children's imaginations.

We create strategies, concepts and assets for every conceivable medium - analogue or digital. Always creative and at eye level with your target groups.

A selection of our current works.

Rolf Kosakowski
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If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!
Rolf Kosakowski
Managing Director, Owner

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