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You can also use our exclusive tool to survey families & children online.

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Areas of application

Our specialised market research offers a wide range of applications.

What are my customers' buying motives?
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Application / Benefit
  • You get to know the most important purchase drivers or barriers for your product
  • You know how, by whom and when your product is used
  • You discover unknown market opportunities
Sample questions
  • What growth opportunities does the market offer?
  • Which purchase drivers are essential for my target group?
  • Which purchase barriers can be identified in my target group?
  • What strategies can I use to increase my market opportunities?
Which pricing strategy do I use to go to market?
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Application / Benefit
  • You can identify the optimal price for your product
  • You know your customers' willingness to pay
  • You can determine the optimal price-quantity strategy for your product
Sample questions
  • What is the optimal price for my product?
  • Which pricing strategy do I use to launch my new product?
  • What role does price play in a purchase decision?
  • For which additional services is the customer willing to pay extra?
Which packaging design is optimal for my product and my target group?
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Application / Benefit
  • You know which packaging design will attract the most attention with your target group at the POS
  • You can select the packaging design that best suits your target group through comparative tests
  • During product development, you can test the packaging and incorporate the findings into the conceptual design
Sample questions
  • Which packaging design achieves the highest attention from the target group?
  • Does the packaging design fit my brand?
  • Does the packaging design communicate the identity of my brand?
Which product idea / concept has the greatest chance of success?
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Application / Benefit
  • You can determine which idea / concept has the greatest market chances
  • You know what strengths / weaknesses your idea / your concept has
  • You can accelerate the "time-to-market" in the innovation process
  • You avoid bad investments
Sample questions
  • Which age group is particularly interested in my product idea?
  • Which concept promises the highest purchase probability?
  • Does my concept have relevance within the target group?
Which advertising goes down best with my target group?
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Application / Benefit
  • You reduce the risk of a communicative misinvestment through a pre-test
  • You ensure that the campaign achieves the desired effect
  • You have the opportunity to compare the effect of alternative advertising media
  • You optimise brand awareness and brand recognition through the use of the optimal advertising medium.
Sample questions
  • Which advertising medium / motif achieves the greatest effect with my target group?
  • Is the willingness to buy increased?
  • What emotional reactions does the campaign trigger in my target group?
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Quantitative & Qualitative

Depending on the research question, we can use quantitative and qualitative methods: for complex contexts and little prior knowledge, we work qualitatively. If frequencies or correlations are to be measured or a broad overview of the research question is to be obtained, we use quantitative methods.
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We not only offer access to the largest online panel in Germany for the target group of families and children, but also to international online panels. This means we can answer your research questions for (almost) any market.
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Omnibus survey

We launch omnibus surveys at regular intervals. This is a multi-topic survey in which you can participate with your questions. The questions are asked in an age-appropriate way and are addressed to the target group that is supposed to answer the questions.
This method is suitable if the number of questions is relatively small.
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Regular product and usage tests

Regular product and usage tests.
Do you want to have your product, app or website tested by your target group under real conditions? KB&B regularly carries out product and usage tests and provides you with important insights into approval, rejection and optimisation potential.
Our studies

To the point and on the pulse of the target group(s).

Study: Brand Children 2023

Study: Brand Children 2023

Consumer behavior among families has changed steadily over the years. Our recent quantitative online survey from June 2023 provides interesting insights into how children and their parents perceive brands and make purchasing decisions today.
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Study: Parents, Children & Social Media 2023

Study: Parents, Children & Social Media 2023

We know everything about parents, kids & social media. Our big social media study 2023.
Free download
Study: Children, Parents & Social Media 2021

Study: Children, Parents & Social Media 2021

Everything you need to know about children, parents and social media to communicate successfully with them via social media channels.
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Also get to know FACT family, our exclusive online survey tool for children & families.
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