Media consulting and media planning

Strategy, creative & media thought and done together from the beginning.

Das einzigartige Konzept für optimale Werbewirkung, spezialisiert auf Kinder und Familien.

Media consulting and media planning

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Wir bündeln Media und Kreation für optimale Werbewirkung bei der Zielgruppe "Kinder und Familien".

Wir bieten zielgruppengerechte Kommunikation durch klare Sprache und hohe Effektivität. Durch unser integriertes Konzept entfalten Media und Kreation eine einzigartige Kraft für optimale Werbewirkung.

Understandable language

You want to be understood? We speak your language and solve your individual requirements!
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Target group knowledge

More than 20 years specialising in children and families. And we learn more every day.
We know what makes your target group tick today and tomorrow.
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High effectiveness

Media and creative unfold their unique power through our integrated concept.
We know the right ways and means to reach your goal.
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Optimum advertising impact

This can only happen if the creative reaches the right recipient via the right channel.


Eine Botschaft, aber unzählige Kanäle mit speziellen Anforderungen: Der Markt für Kinder- und Familienmarketing hat seine eigenen, sehr spezifischen Regeln und Umweltbedingungen. KB&B kennt den Nischenmarkt, seine Mechaniken und Veränderungen genau.

Wir bieten von Kreation über Marktforschung bis hin zur Kommunikationsberatung alle Leistungen aus einer Hand.

Communication & Media Consulting.
Holistic, individual and independent.
Strategic advice.
Taking into account the entire consumer journey.
Market, competition & target group analyses.
Media planning.
For large and small budgets.
Campaign implementation & optimisation.
Unique access & cooperations.
Qualitative & quantitative market research.
Via our exclusive tool FACT family.
Digital & Social Media.
From mobile campaigns to search engine marketing and influencer relations.
Creativity at the highest level.
Already thought for the advertising effect of the special channels.
Creative & Design.
From target group specialists.
Patrick Reinemann
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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Patrick Reinemann
Head of Paid Media

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