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With Social Media from 👍🏻 to ❤️.

If you want to reach families and children on social media, you have to understand families and children as well as social media.

We offer full service in social media from strategic consulting to creative design and technical realisation. And we combine it with our deep understanding of the target group.

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Our Competence Unit FUTUR2: Experts in Social Media Marketing for Families, Parents and Children

In today's digital world, it is essential to effectively reach the right target groups. Our Competence Unit FUTUR2 specializes in social media marketing for families, parents and children.

With a unique mix of research and practical experience, we help brands reach these target groups specifically and interact successfully

Target group-specific marketing: We understand the needs and interests of families, parents and children and can thus develop customized marketing strategies.

Organic Brand Building: We build your brand on social media and ensure a growing follower and fan base.

Paid Media Boost: We maximize your reach and interaction through targeted paid media campaigns.

Influencer activation: We identify and activate the right influencers to present your brand authentically and effectively.

Responsible marketing: We take our responsibility towards the target group seriously and set the right ethical framework for our campaigns.

Social media for families needs know-how.

Social media is an essential part of marketing today. Even with the target group of children and families, it is one of the basic considerations for planning successful communication campaigns. There are many possibilities and channels, so a thorough strategy is even more important here than with other disciplines.

It is also essential to consider the legal restrictions and still know exactly where to reach your target group. Here again, the picture is very different between the social media use of parents or children. Even with the same communication target, different strategies or campaigns have to be developed in order to be noticed.

We advise and accompany you on this path!

Social media

The cycle for your success, because social media is always in motion.

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Today, holistic brand experiences can only be created with cross-media campaign management including networked digital campaign elements.
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Advice and strategy

Our in-house market research and the development of suitable personas provide you with essential insights for the development and management of your planned social media activities.

We advise you holistically from the target group analysis to the selection of channels to the strategic communication concept and the development and management of content.

With creative ideas and orchestrated campaign management, we reach the target groups in their digital environments and turn users into active fans. From the very beginning, you are well advised with us! Whether it's choosing the right systems, structure or content.
And for your safety, we bring in our valuable experience from numerous projects and market research.
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Channel Management

We are happy to advise you on the selection and combination of suitable social media channels.

From setting up a new channel to controlling, filling and synchronising existing channels for your campaign - we ensure active and effective channel management with target-oriented content creation, whether on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat or YouTube.

To do this, we use management and analysis tools that make the most of your budget.
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Community Management

We take care of building and maintaining your digital community, around the clock if needed.

This ranges from posting valuable content to answering critical questions on Sunday morning. Seasonal campaigns, competitions or creating moments of interaction - we deliver authentic content and capture the mood of the community.

With real-time analytics, you get valuable data and performance insights to integrate advertising even more efficiently.
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Influencer Marketing

Children's influencers, purpose influencers, kidfluencers ... the spectrum of digital opinion leaders is huge.

We identify the right ambassadors for you and take complete control of your campaign. From the first negotiation to the briefing to the development of joint products.

With authentic stories you achieve high attention, maximum reach and turn target groups into loyal and interactive fans.

We are experts in children's data protection and take it seriously, in addition to using our common sense as mothers and fathers!
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Storytelling / Content Marketing

Nothing is more exciting than good stories. We identify target groups, channels, platforms and develop custom-fit content that fits the brand and engages people.

After defining the KPIs, we design campaigns that encourage users to interact and turn them into real fans. A coordinated editorial plan ensures relevant content, from classic posts to short films, stories to high-reach competitions, etc.

The evaluation takes place in real time and allows the content to be adjusted at any time.
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Ad Spending

We plan, manage and control your ad spend campaigns.

From the identification of the most promising channels for the target group, to the creation of the appropriate advertising materials for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok & Co.

In doing so, we attach great importance to detailed planning, execution and monitoring, as well as transparency towards the client.

Social media

A selection of our current works.

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