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Great campaigns are worth nothing if they don't reach the right target group.

With our advertising media you can reach the whole family - children, mothers, fathers, grandparents and educators - via print, online, social media and podcast.

don't offer off-the-shelf media planning, but look for ways to place your advertising message optimally.
SPECIAL - Children's Time - Spring Raffle 2023

Reaching educational professionals without wastage

Until Easter Monday, the facilities can participate in the sweepstakes in the form of a springtime hidden object with your daycare children.

Each symbol is accompanied by an egg in which your products can be hidden as prizes. All egg contents are presented in detail with pictures and text.

I will be happy to advise you!
KINDERZEIT - Spring Raffle 2023


Perfectly fitting advertising media for your communication.

miniLOK and LeseLOK lie on the table

miniLOK & LeseLOK

We get you on board Deutsche Bahn:

With the children's magazines miniLOK (target group: kindergarten children and their parents) and LeseLOK (target group: elementary school children), you reach the little travelers four times a year with a circulation of at least 125,000 copies each at an attractive CPM.

In addition, we also offer placements on the Little ICE website, the children's ticket or within childcare.
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Children's time

Address educators as multipliers:

You can reach them optimally via the specialist portal Kinderzeit.de and the bi-weekly newsletter.

Place your advertising message as a banner, advertorial, stand-alone newsletter, in competitions, on coloring pages, in the podcast or via our social media channels.
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The nursery handbook


Reaching educators in the profession and in training in a targeted manner:

The kindergartenpaedagogik.de site is a reference work on all aspects of the development, care, education and upbringing of (young) children. Here you can reach educational specialists, students, trainees, parents and teachers with almost no wastage and a wide reach.
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Logo of gemeinsam aus dem Mamsterrad


Reaching mothers authentically and with a high level of involvement:

"In 15 minutes out of the mommy wheel - the podcast quickie for mums" is a small, fine production by Judith, who blogs on judetta.de, and mommy coach Imke from Mutterhelden.

We offer you the opportunity to integrate your advertising message as a pre-roll or editorial integration in this wonderful podcast - but we also offer great integration options for all other Mamsterrad products.
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Serial Dads - The Children's Series Podcast

Serial Dads

Three children of the 90s, who never missed a children's series despite their parents' impressive warning that they would get square eyes from watching too much TV, are now fathers of kindergarten-age children themselves.

Birk, René and Daniel have been preoccupied with one topic since 2020: children's series! In their podcast "Serial Dads", the two give surprising and entertaining insights into the colourful world of children's series and discuss not only their children's heroes, but also look at the favourite series of their own childhood.
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Grandparent combo marketing

Grandparents' combo

Grandparents are becoming increasingly important as a target group in family marketing and can be reached sympathetically and to the point through us via the new grandparent combination. In doing so, we bundle the sites Enkelkind.de, grossvater.de and Hallo-Oma.de into a strong online combination with Facebook extension.

But I can't reach grandparents on the internet, you think?! Because 60% of them are online every day and 80% five or more days a week - and the trend is rising. So try it out right away and secure a place!
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Dad Blogs Marketing


The PapaBlogs network brings together four of the most active and widest-reach fathers' blogs and magazines.(netpapa.de, daddylicious.de, papa-online.com, papammunity.de)
Each in their own way, they write about products, brands, travel destinations and other topics that are important for children and their parents.

They reach fathers, new daddies as well as old hands with children in kindergarten and school authentically and with almost no wastage. We look forward to your individual campaign with us!
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Gehört werden, wo zugehört wird!

Podcast-Werbung speziell für Kinder und Familien. Wer sie erreichen will, muss dort sein, wo sie zuhören.

Mit dem HEAROOZ-Universum haben wir ein weiteres Produkt, um ein umfassendes Angebot von der Planung, über die Umsetzung, bis zur Vermarktung für Kinder-Podcasts bzw. Podcast-Werbung erfolgreich anzubieten.
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The Lufthansa Baby Kit and its contents

Lufthansa Baby Kit

Positive product experience made easy:

Take advantage of the Lufthansa brand's charisma and direct access to families with children between 0 and 3 years of age who have purchasing power by including your product in the Lufthansa Baby Kit.

We hope to take off with you again in 2021!
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A selection of our works.

Sandra Erdmann
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I will be happy toadvise you.
Sandra Erdmann
Senior Media Consultant
A look at the DB magazine LeseLok


Integration into Deutsche Bahn's LeseLOK.

Views of Kinderzeit - Newsletter and Kinderzeit aktiv

Fireman Sam.

Comprehensive integration into KINDERZEIT.

Integration of the partner PLAYMAIS into the magazines of Deutsche Bahn.


  From childcare on board to the magazines of Deutsche Bahn.

Sampling and advertisement in Deutsche Bahn's magazines for children.


  Great sampling with advertisement in Deutsche Bahn's miniLOK.

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