Turning old into new - how TikTok is shaking up the toy market! 🌪

Turning old into new - how TikTok is shaking up the toy market! 🌪
Social media are also becoming increasingly popular among children and young people. This is shown by current statistics. Kids spend a lot of time on the TikTok platform in particular. It's time to take a closer look at this in the area of children's and family marketing.

👉 Children and young people are watching less and less advertising on TV programs; instead, they are on digital channels such as YouTube and TikTok.

Their role models are often influencers who specifically test and rate products on these channels. What these, usually young people, use or find good, the kids also want to have.

👉 What's interesting here is that even toys that have long been outdated become interesting again for the younger generation when they are advertised through TikTok.

A good example was a little monkey trying out the so-called "Pop Its" on TikTok in 2021 during the pandemic. Although the small silicone shapes for popping have been on the market since 1975, it was only the "influencer monkey" Gaitlyn Rae who was able to trigger the enormous hype that caused sales figures to explode, according to the manufacturer.

So advertising with influencers on social media platforms like TikTok certainly seems promising. A trend you shouldn't miss! Let's talk about it! 💬


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