HORIZONT Online: Corona crisis - How an agency prepares for an emergency

HORIZONT Online: Corona crisis - How an agency prepares for an emergency
The Corona crisis is putting many companies to the test these days - including agencies. Rolf Kosakowski, the managing director of KB&B, has already switched into crisis mode with his agency. […]

Increasingly, our economy is being affected by the consequences of the spreading coronavirus. Events are being cancelled, projects postponed and budgets put on hold. I am also starting to worry - not only as a citizen of a big city and a family man, but also as an agency head. Because I have a duty of care towards my employees!

At first glance, of course, it's about health and keeping the risk of infection as low as possible. The daily walk to the office and the contact among the employees has become a problem, so we switch to a crisis mode and work from the home office. And at second glance: We continue to work anyway, of course. Because that is also my responsibility. The work on the current projects must continue and the salaries must be paid. So that we are not incapable of acting in an emergency, we have taken precautions to ensure our productivity.

Turning stand-up meetings into a crisis team

Instead of simply waiting and hoping for the best, companies should prepare for an emergency at an early stage. In concrete terms, this means thinking and defining measures while you still have a clear head and enough time to make decisions.

Team meetings should therefore not only be used for business-as-usual, but also to think through different scenarios. What happens if ...? Only if the measures have been discussed with all employees can they work in the end.

Photo: © Gerd Altmann on Pixabay


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