Cybercrime among youth "almost normalized"! ⚠️

Cybercrime among youth "almost normalized"! ⚠️
An EU-funded survey of 16- to 19-year-olds found that one in four has trolled someone, one in eight has been involved in online harassment, one in ten has been involved in hate speech or hacking, one in five has been involved in sexting.

💡 Digital "piracy" is the most widespread criminal online activity among European young people. One in three has already been involved in it.

🔞 The study also found that four out of 10 of the respondents had already viewed pornography. The survey asked young people about 20 behaviors on the Internet, including viewing pornographic material, posting revenge porn, creating self-created sexual images, and posting hate speech.

🤳 According to the study, the young people were online for four to seven hours a day, mainly on smartphones. It turned out that the top five platforms were YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok and Snapchat.

The Europol Cybercrime Center, which is involved, is now calling for more comprehensive education of young people and parents about what is potentially harmful and risky behavior online.


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