Disney makes digital re-aging of faces possible! 👼👦👴

Disney makes digital re-aging of faces possible! 👼👦👴
Disney Research Studios has unveiled technology that can adjust the age of people in videos in real time.

👤 With "Face Re-Aging", for example, actors:in Disney films can be made directly older or younger.

Photorealistic digital re-aging of faces in video is becoming increasingly popular in entertainment and advertising. But the predominant workflow for 2D painting used to require manual frame-by-frame work that took days, even for experienced artists, because each frame had to be edited individually.

✅ Disney's latest research publication, FRAN (Face Re-Aging Network), can now do this automatically. For a small cost, you can instantly age a person for an entire movie.

Of course, this could cause artists to fear for their jobs. However, certain FRAN-based tools will also make their work easier in the future.

In doing so, the model is able to assume a face and change the age of the person with consistency, realism, and high-resolution results across different facial expressions, viewing angles, and lighting conditions.

Will we then soon see more children's films played by adults❓

For your information: Midjourney came up with the photo for the news.


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