Ghost Energy comes under criticism! ⛔

Ghost Energy comes under criticism! ⛔
The energy drink brand "Ghost" is facing an investigation by the FTC and FDA in the USA.

Advertising watchdog TINA.org and the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Health filed a complaint there about the misleading marketing.  

➡ The company is alleged to have inappropriately addressed children with the presentation of its products.

🍭 The flavors of the products bear the names of popular sweets.

👧 In addition, the influencers promoting the product have predominantly underage followers. Health-related claims about the products were also criticized.

🔞 Only the small print on the backs of the beverage cans states that the drinks are only suitable for adults. Because of a number of negative health consequences for minors, the American Medical Association has passed a guideline supporting a ban on marketing energy drinks to children under 18.

➡ Then, in December 2022, Ghost removed the unapproved health claims from its website, such as that the products can reduce anxiety.

Meanwhile, the marketing of Ghost products backfired hard. We show you how to do it better! 💪


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