Finding young talent: with the right employer branding strategies! 😎

Finding young talent: with the right employer branding strategies! 😎
The search for employees is not an easy undertaking - especially when it comes to attracting young talent. Competition for the best trainees and young professionals has intensified in recent years.

Employer branding is a marketing strategy that positions you as an attractive employer.

🎯 In order to find new candidates for your marketing, especially young talents, but also their parents must be positively addressed and convinced.

🎯 Always pay attention to your target group - e.g. what age are the young talents, what are their interests? The needs and demands of the younger generation have changed in many respects. The work-life balance is an important point, for example.

💡Once you have found suitable young talent, employer branding sets about retaining them and increasing your satisfaction and productivity.

💡 Satisfaction and motivation are closely related - even among teenagers and young adults. So think about what motivates your talents and how they can identify with your company. Is mobile working possible? Are there flexible working hours?

Let us develop a suitable strategy together! 💪


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