KB&B - Newsletter 11-2020

KB&B - Newsletter 11-2020
Insights, free study "Brand Children 2020" and news from the specialist for children and family marketing

Social media

Social media

Especially at a time when people are (able to) avoid advertising in the classic channels more and more, social media are taking on an increasingly important role as a place where brands can be experienced and made tangible in everyday life.

And nowhere else can such an immediate, direct relationship be built between brands and their fans.

Our latest case study:
Social Media for Maya the Bee

Social media: Maya the Bee is also the high flyer on Instagram & Co.

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Matching our study:
Children, parents and social media

Study: Children, parents and social media

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If you are interested in social media specifically for children and/or families, please contact Lennart Kosakowski!

Rolf Kosakowski

Address Lennart

Your platform for reach and sales

HEROOZ for content owners

With over 20,000 downloads on iOS and Android, we are the widest-reaching podcast app for children!

With over 200 free podcast feeds and well over 8,000 episodes in the free section, hundreds of children listen to us childproof every day.

Last but not least, this has also convinced NDR, which from now on will place its valuable content from MIKADO on HEAROOZ.

For the premium sector, we have already been able to win great partners such as TESSLOFF Verlag, Oetinger Audio and KIDDINX Media. And there is more to come ...

If you too have audio content for children - FREE or PREMIUM - that fits HEAROOZ, please feel free to contact us!

A selection of our current in-house productions

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If you are interested in audio content for children or in new sales potential with HEAROOZ, please contact Rolf Kosakowski!

Rolf Kosakowski

Address Rolf

Market research
Study Brand Children 2020

Study: Brand Children 2020

This year, our annual MARKEN-KINDER study focuses on sustainability.

This is a topic that moves us all and we asked children and parents what influence the topic has on their consumption decisions, for example, and how they perceive and evaluate brands with regard to the topic and what they expect from them.

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If you need valuable target group insights to back up your strategic and operational marketing decisions, contact André Schulz.

André Schulz

André address

Family Business

The entertaining podcast on the topic of children and family marketing.

Interesting and unique interlocutors from the field of communication with children and families.

Podcast - Family Business

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Communication that goes straight to the heart of millions of real mamas! - Guest: Sara Urbainczyk - Real Mamas

Family Business with Sara Urbainczyk - Real Mamas

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You need legal help, my child, if you hang around on social media platforms! - Guest: Dr Martin Gerecke, lawyer for media law

Family Business with Dr Martin Gerecke, lawyer for media law

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Marketing mix for families by families especially in PR - Guest: Tomma Rabach, rabach kommunikation

Family Business with Tomma Rabach from rabach kommunikation

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Article at "Payment & Banking"
The piggy bank is far from dead!

The piggy bank is far from dead!

German children are educated to save conservatively

Children and money - often a tricky combination. Because dealing with one's own finances has to be learned.

While children are becoming increasingly adept at using social media, for example, and are several steps ahead of their parents, the situation is different when it comes to money: Children are raised by their parents to be conservative savers.

Financial services providers are missing a huge opportunity ...

Read more at Payment & Banking

Matching our study: Children & Finances 2020

Study Children & Finances

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Bear and his friends - Paws on it!

Bear and his friends

Consulting, Creation, Digital, Campaign

Under the motto: "New design - proven quality", the popular little bear has been given a new look and three new friends. The design ensures high visibility on the shelf and is perfectly adapted to the target group. With this relaunch from August, the brand Bärchen will be further expanded.

We were able to support The Family Butchers extensively with numerous actions and the launch campaign.

"The Bear brand now shines in a modern light thanks to the coordinated communication components. This will allow us to further build awareness and popularity."

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Online Children's Media Weeks

Children's Media Congress

Online this year and we are happy to be back. With two webinars offered by us:

18.11.2020 from 2:30 to 4:00 pm
WEBINAR: Social Media for Kid's Content
Inspiring children and parents on Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp & Co.

26.11.2020 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
WEBINAR: Podcasts for Kids
Concepts, marketing and distribution

Exclusive discount

Book two webinars and get a 10% discount.
Simply enter the following code when booking the combination: KiMeWo20

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