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Kids and Apps Study 2018: Kids want to play, but parents don't want to pay

Kids and Apps Study 2018: Kids want to play, but parents don't want to pay
Games remain the most popular app category across all age groups (0 - 13 years). But at the same time, the willingness to pay for apps is decreasing year by year. [...]

And yet the most popular payment model remains "pay once per download and no additional purchases". Here, developers are still challenged to find the best way for their application. In-app purchases remain an "unpopular" offer, certainly in the children's segment. This is only beaten by the disclosure of personal data as a substitute for payment.

What kind of payment model do you prefer for apps your child uses?

What apps does your child use? (Categories)

In our annual study on families, children and apps, you will find the answers to the following questions, among others:

  • Which devices do families use?
  • How often and for how long may these devices be used?
  • Which apps are used and preferred?
  • What are favoured prices and payment models?

We present the study annually in friendly cooperation with Fox & Sheep - Apps for Kids.

Fox & Sheep - Apps for Kids

Surveyed with our online tool fact. n = 1,151 parents in the period June/August 2018

Download an excerpt of the study here:


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