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Children often use social media without the knowledge of their parents

Children often use social media without the knowledge of their parents
Children often use social media without their parents' knowledge - but also for their schoolwork. Children also often know more about security settings than their parents.

How do children use social media, how safe do parents think the various platforms are and what about their media competence? A recent study by the specialist agency KB&B looked into these questions - and found, among other things, that the assessments of parents and children with regard to social media use sometimes diverge widely.

Majority of parents try to teach media literacy in personal conversations

82 percent of parents have agreed clear rules on how, for what and for how long the child is allowed to use social media. 81.7 percent of parents regularly talk to their child about the downsides of social media use and 74 percent reflect on their personal experiences in social media with their child. Children also get parental support in setting up social media profiles: 70.9 percent of parents set up the profile of the social media apps used by the child together with the child.

The majority (75 percent) of parents rate their insight into their children's behaviour in social media - what their child can see and post - as very good to good. However, they are often wrong: around 60 percent of parents say that their child does not use Instagram - but only 31 percent of children make the same statement. Conversely, this means that around half of the children who use Instagram are on it without their parents' knowledge. 43.5 percent of parents estimate that their child does not use TikTok at all - but in fact only 29 percent of children do not use TikTok. So here, too, use often takes place without the parents' knowledge.

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Social media marketing is not a hobby!

Social media marketing is not a hobby!

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