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Children and climate protection - what do you need to pay attention to? 🤔

Children and climate protection - what do you need to pay attention to? 🤔
Using our market research tool FACT family, we surveyed children between the ages of 6 and 11 on the topic of climate and animal protection.

✅ The results showed that 93 percent think the topic is very important. Almost three quarters of the children even expressed the desire to become active themselves in order to protect the environment and climate.

✅ More than half of the children have indicated that climate change also affects the town or state in which they live.

❌ However, almost two-thirds feel they are not sufficiently informed. According to the study, the available information is often not well understood by children.

💡It is therefore important that companies specifically address their young target group. Topics such as energy saving, energy efficiency, renewable energies and the connection to climate change must be explained in an age-appropriate, exciting and clear manner. The often complex topics should be presented in a playful way, e.g. with the help of puzzles or quizzes and supported by pictures or videos.

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