Children's survey: What is the brand awareness of Playmobil in Germany? 🎡

Children's survey: What is the brand awareness of Playmobil in Germany? 🎡
👷Indians, construction workers and knights: These were the first Playmobil figures to light up children's eyes in 1974.

According to a Statista survey, brand awareness of Playmobil is currently 91 percent. The respondents were shown the logo and the written brand name.

💗The popularity of the toy is also impressive: Of the 91 percent who know Playmobil, 52 percent said they liked the brand.

➡ According to the survey, the brand's share of usage is 32 percent. Around 24 percent of users of toy and baby online stores in Germany said they would use Playmobil again in the future.

🗣 29 percent of respondents said they had heard of Playmobil in media, social media or advertising in the last three months.

The biggest fan lives in Hamburg: Oliver Schaffer is said to be the owner of one of the largest Playmobil collections worldwide. The artist is said to own over 50,000 figures and 500,000 small parts. In the Deutsches Museum in Bonn, he presents 5000 of his Playmobil figures on the theme of science and technology.

🖥 2019 saw the release of the first film "Playmobil: The Movie", for which there are accompanying playsets.

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