Newsletter 07/2020: Valuable marketing insights, for successful communication with children & families

Newsletter 07/2020: Valuable marketing insights, for successful communication with children & families
Valuable marketing insights, for successful communication with children & families

Social Media
Teufelskicker - Bull's eye with TikTok

Over 400,000 impressions, over 80,000 likes and over 1,000 shares. The social media campaign for the Teufelskicker on TikTok was a huge success!

The latest news also fits in with this:
Children already use TikTok almost as often as YouTube

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Your new platform for audio content

With us you will find a new home for your audio content: podcast, audio books, audio plays etc., everything is possible and welcome at HEAROOZ. Childproof and wide-reaching!

With thousands of installations for iOS and Android, HEAROOZ is off to a fantastic start. And hundreds of daily users with thousands of TrackPlays per day already speak for the success of HEAROOZ.
And that's just the beginning!

Whether you have existing audio content or want to develop it: With us you will find the experts and the platform for it!

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If you are interested in audio content for children or in new revenue streams with HEAROOZ, please contact Rolf Kosakowski!


Market research
Study MARKEN-KINDER 2020 - Focus on sustainability

This year, our annual MARKEN-KINDER study focuses on sustainability. This is a topic that moves us all and we asked children and parents what influence the topic has on their consumption decisions, for example, and how they perceive and evaluate brands with regard to the topic and what they expect from them.

Below are some exemplary results:

  • The "Fridays For Future" movement has only a limited influence on the purchasing decisions of children and parents.
  • Only the Deutsche Bahn and EDEKA brands are rated as environmentally friendly by children and parents.
  • Conversely, parents perceive Nestlé, VW and McDonald's as brands that are little to no environmentally friendly.
  • But: 56% of parents expect "to a great extent" or "very much" that everyday brands also clearly position themselves in their public communication on the topics of sustainability, climate protection and environmental compatibility.
  • And many more!

Of course, you will find many more useful insights in our study on the topic of sustainability, brand and family. We can certainly answer your questions on the topic directly and work with you to develop strategies and concepts on how you can position your brand as a sustainable and environmentally friendly brand with the target group of children and family.

Learn more about this study

If you are interested in these and other contents, please contact André Schulz!


Audio production
By experienced experts, especially for children

Every week, our audio unit creates great new audio content especially for children. Much of it is commissioned by clients, but there are also exciting in-house productions.

One new production, for example, is the podcast series for children: "Stories from the Fairytale Castle". It combines classic fairy tales with knowledge transfer, dialogue elements and scenic audio background.

This case shows how we rethink content with our audio unit: a mixture of classic dialogue, audio book and audio production within a podcast series.

Since release we already have over 3,000 views on HEAROOZ, Spotify, Apple and Deezer, with top 5 star ratings.

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If you have any questions about individual audio production especially for children, please contact Dirk Eichhorn.


How social media marketing for children benefits from the Corona crisis!

"The outbreak of the Corona virus is not the first time that brand communication has changed: for some time now, traditional patterns have been questioned, some forms of advertising have been dropped and new ones have been added.

In many ways, the Corona Crisis will be a clear line between the before and the after.

Also in brand communication? I have my doubts about that - especially in one particular area: social media."

Read more at Brandora

We have been doing storytelling since the Brothers Grimm

"Kids always take off when their parents arrive. They hardly ever touch Facebook any more, their mobile phones tend to fall out of their hands," says KB&B boss Rolf Kosakowski.

Photo: gladchenko/stock.adobe.com

According to Rolf Kosakowski, the magic bullet for success in children's marketing is as complex as it is simple. The KB&B agency head relies on well-told stories - and his gut feeling as a father.

Corona has immensely condensed digitalisation in many sectors. Also and especially in the education sector. In an interview with W&V, children's and youth marketing expert Rolf Kosakowski from KB&B talks about what marketing must look like in order to work, especially for the young target group, and what opportunities the current situation offers for educational communication.

Mr Kosakowski, your client base ranges from Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn to Sony and the SOS Children's Villages. It is clear, however, that educational communication plays a major role in your portfolio. Is educational communication marketing at all?

Read more at W&V+

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