Trends, inspiration, insights and news in family and children's marketing - March 2021

Trends, inspiration, insights and news in family and children's marketing - March 2021
Trends, inspiration, insights and news in family and children's marketing - March 2021

FAMILY AFFAIRS - free webinar

FAMILY AFFAIRS - free webinar

Our Strategy Director Ingo Keßler brings you up to date with trends, inspirations, insights and news from family and children's marketing.

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Social media - new study

If you want to reach families and children on social media, you have to understand families and children as well as social media.

Study: Children, Parents & Social Media 2021

Everything you need to know about children, parents and social media to communicate successfully with them via social media channels.

In our current study you will find the answers to e.g. the following questions:

👉 Which social media channels do children and parents use?
👉 How much time do children and parents spend on these channels?
👉 How often do children and parents use the different offerings?
👉 Are the social media channels used passively or actively by children?
👉 How high is the acceptance of parents with regard to safety?

... and much more.

About the study

Current social media case

Panini Sports Academy - TikTok

The Panini Sports Academy wins the TikTok Championship! A direct hit with the target group.

Over 1 million views and over 50,000 reactions to the videos!

To the Case

Audio & Podcast


KAKADU now also at HEAROOZ

The next successful podcast for children moves into HEAROOZ.

After MIKADI from NDR, the next contract with a public broadcaster to make its content available.

KAKADU is the children's podcast from Deutschlandfunk Kultur: colourful, cheeky, cheerful and clever.

Listen safely to the best podcasts for kids - only at HEAROOZ!


Large selection in the premium range from HEAROOZ

And our premium area is also filling up and activating valuable subscriptions.

If you also have valuable audio content for children, let's talk!

HEAROOZ Premium Content

New audio productions

Our views run into the thousands and regularly reach the Top10 of the "Family & Kids" podcast charts.

Audio productions

Podcasts as a content marketing tool:
The immersive experience of a cinema spot for the price of an online banner.
Audio is an established medium for children and accepted by parents.
The long dwell time of podcasts offers an immersive, emotional experience and space for complex messages and brand building.
The production costs are on par with online banners.

more about Podcasts & Audio for Children

Insight & Strategy

Market research specifically for families.

FACT family

Gain more certainty for your business decisions by asking your target group directly.

Create a competitive advantage over your market competitors by asking your target group directly about trends.

Use your marketing budget even more efficiently by testing the impact of your measures directly with your target group.

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What else we do

😀 New episode of our podcast FAMILY BUSINESS - With Judith & Imke from Mamsterrad

🤓 Article at acquisa: The five most important dos for the family target group

🤩 We have a new website!


Trends, inspiration, insights and news from children's and family marketing.

💪 Entertaining, informative, free of charge.
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