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First place on the wish list: the main thing is together

First place on the wish list: the main thing is together
▪ Telekom survey: Primary school children wish for Corona end and time with the family ▪ 88.1% of children wish: finally celebrate Christmas together again ▪ Deutsche Telekom gives 100 GB data volume and MagentaTV for free until the end of the year

It is the Advent season. The wish lists in the children's rooms are slowly filling up. Game console, smartphone, computer game, book or doll - what is most popular with children? This is what the agency KB&B, which specialises in children's surveys, found out on behalf of Deutsche Telekom. The pollsters asked more than 500 children between the ages of 6 and 10 what they wanted for Christmas. The result: 88.1 percent would like Christmas to be nicer than last year and for everyone to be able to celebrate together again. Telekom makes this longing for closeness and togetherness the subject of the TV commercial "Das schönste Geschenk". The 60-second spot begins in the run-up to Christmas. The focus is on a little boy who gradually fills his wish list. At the end, the big happy ending follows: a celebration with the whole family, with grandma and grandpa and especially with the big sister. Just as the boy has written at the top of his wish list.

With this spot, Telekom hits the nerve of the time. It wants to spread confidence and show solidarity with society. The results of the survey show how important this idea is, especially for children: three quarters of the children actually write a wish list. It is mostly addressed to Father Christmas or the Christ Child. And what does it say if they have only one wish? 64 percent prefer a matter of the heart to concrete gifts such as toys, smartphones or games. If the kids had to choose, the biggest wish is for the Corona pandemic to end (41%). This is immediately followed by the wish to spend time with the family (28%). And in third place is the wish that no child should have to live in poverty (8%).

Light-heartedness, togetherness and charity are currently very popular with the little ones. Ultimately, everyone should be able to be #DABEI. This is a wish that Telekom supports at Christmas just as much as on all other days of the year. To ensure that the wish for closeness and connection is already fulfilled in the Advent season, the company is giving its customers an early Christmas present: 100 GB data volume free of charge and at their disposal from 1 to 31 December 2021 for mobile customers. And fixed network customers will receive MagentaTV free of charge from 6 December until the end of the year. Visit www.telekom.de/meinmagenta-app for more information on the offer.

*Research source: KB&B, survey of 519 children aged 6-10 in November 2021.


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