Podcasts for kids and teens: What do you need to keep in mind? 🤔

Podcasts for kids and teens: What do you need to keep in mind? 🤔
Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. According to the "Kids & Audio 2019" study, around 87% of children and young people also regularly use audio content. But what needs to be taken into account?

👉 Exciting scripts and imaginative productions captivate your young target group. In this way, they are playfully informed and entertained at the same time.

👉 Audio content is far ahead of video content in terms of children's usage time and acceptance by parents. Screen time is minimized and imagination is stimulated.

👉 If you proceed skillfully, the possibilities of a podcast result in many approaches to use the medium as a content marketing tool.

Whatever format you choose, audio content brings your brand to life in a way that is suitable for children. Thus, podcasts support your marketing and bring you new listeners. As a result, you don't have to constantly acquire new listeners.

The reach of mobile devices for podcasts is enormous. The content can therefore be listened to anywhere and at any time. Smart speakers also enable children and young people to access large platforms at home.

Address your young target group directly! Think podcasts in a new and child-friendly way! We'll help you do it. 🎧


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