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Social media marketing is not a hobby!

Social media marketing is not a hobby!
In many companies, social media marketing is still done "on the side". Yet social media marketing is one of the most important communication channels of our time, for our target group of children, young people and families.

Therefore, here are 5 factors for successful social media communication:

1. first comes the plan!

Sign up for Instagram, put up a company logo, a funny bio and a quick check of Facebook Manager. No - that's not it.

Like every marketing measure, we also need a strategy here. What are your measures designed to achieve? Do you want to increase awareness, brand recognition?
This is often where the first mistakes happen. Due to a faulty objective, the implementation gets "bogged down".

Avoid starting errors

Lack of insights about your target group - "Who is my target group?", "When and how do I reach my target group?" and "On which channel do I reach them?", are questions that need to be clear before starting the measures.

These basic insights have to be worked out just like the appropriate channel strategy. TikTok works differently than Instagram - Youtube differently than a podcast.
We often split our target groups into purchase decision-makers and consumers because a different, adapted approach is needed and because social media use is completely different. Starting with the device, through daily routines to the choice of channel. In addition, note the phenomenon that children are active where their parents are not.

Are you now clear about what you want to say, when, how and where?

2. content is still king!

As trite as the phrase is, content is still the most important thing for the success of social media posts or ads. Remember that millions of pieces of content are published on the internet every day. So your target groups have millions of choices every day. Why should they read your content in particular? What added value can be offered to the followers?

Recurring elements trigger the subconscious mind

An important means of directing users to a post within milliseconds are learned or recurring elements that make the message clear even before I could perceive the content (text). Plan for this in the content creation.

"The DNA Challenge" - never heard of it? Watch out for trends!

Social media thrives on a daily topicality. Identify trends that fit your brand and jump on the bandwagon. Trend awareness, spontaneity and the coolness factor are important for your brand perception as well as for brand loyalty.  

3. social media is not a monologue - community management

Allow time to respond to your followers. Reactions, comments, direct messages - if they go unanswered, this has a very negative impact on your perception. Many users use social media channels not only to communicate with the brand, but also for customer service enquiries.

The mood is boiling over?

Good! After all, what good is high engagement with your content if it is consistently negative? Monitor the mood of your comments and react accordingly.
Is there an emergency strategy for the worst case scenario? The shitstorm?

4. analysis and optimisation

When analysing channels, target groups, conversions and KPIs, there is no way around the right tools. These help you to gather important insights from all areas and turn them into optimisations. In addition to tools for analysis, tools also help to create an editorial plan and to plan the postings in advance.

What are your competitors actually doing?

Let's look behind the curtain. Which best practices can we adopt? Which mistakes can we eliminate from the start? Taking a look at the competition has many advantages. Tools can also help here.

5. why can an agency help?

Gathering the right insights, converting them into the right derivations. Understanding the target groups and the channels, all this requires expert knowledge. The creation of content and community management also ties up a lot of resources that companies don't always want to spend. Outsourcing social media marketing simplifies these processes enormously and reduces in-house costs. Not every company has the time to observe trends and implement them on a daily basis. Your engagement rate has plummeted by 2%? What now? An agency can also help you find the problem.

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