Social media and children: What do "doers" have to watch out for? 🤔

Social media and children: What do "doers" have to watch out for? 🤔
There's no question about it - social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or LinkedIn are the Internet phenomenon of the third millennium. According to Statista.de, the user share of children and young people in the various age groups is between 67 % and 88 %.

But what requirements do you as a doer need to consider?

👉 A minimum age is set for all social networks and provides guidance on the possible target group.

👉 In addition, parents' consent is often required when registering.

👉 Not to be underestimated are comments and chats in which it is essential to watch out for insults and bullying and, if necessary, react quickly.

👉 The security settings: Posts and profiles of the kids must not be seen by strangers.

Besides the legal restrictions, it is important to know:

💡How to engage your target audience to use appropriate channels and platforms.

💡 Produce content that fits your brand and generates small fans that come back.

💡 When influencers promote your brand, you should pay attention to who you use. (Keyword: role model function)

🚀 Take off with your brand on social media and take advantage of the many benefits! We will help you with the implementation!


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