What it's like to found a start-up again after 20 years - guest article

What it's like to found a start-up again after 20 years - guest article
Starting over again after two decades in business? Start-up founder and agency owner Rolf Kosakowski has dared to take this step.

What many people don't know about me: The marketing agency I founded more than 20 years ago was actually my fifth business - after a pizza service at 19, a trading account, a wine trade and a pub. I've somehow always had the "founder gene" in me - when the sum of things suited me, I tried something new. After being "settled" for many years now, I founded a new start-up in spring 2020. The challenges were different than at the beginning of my professional life and were sometimes unexpected - so I would like to share these five insights with you:

1. anything but standstill

Today, every entrepreneur is "condemned" to reinvent himself again and again. No one can start a business today and assume that it will run well for the next five or ten years. It doesn't matter in which industry you operate - in order to remain competitive, you have to constantly think about product innovations. At the same time, this circumstance also helps you to face new challenges more courageously. After all, challenges await you both in an existing business and with a new venture.

2. new, but not foreign

You always have to reinvent yourself a bit. But a complete 180 degree turn is rarely necessary: Instead, look at the sum of the things you are strong at ...

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