Study: Brand Children 2019

Study: Brand Children 2019
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Brand loyalty begins in childhood

In cooperation with KIDS.TEENS & MARKE, KB&B analyses not only children's and parents' attitudes towards brands, but in particular the awareness and preference of brands from the tour operator and pharmaceutical sectors and the expectations of them. It also examines the relationship with influencers and their importance for brand communication.

Children consciously perceive brands and brand images - they are part of their identity and identity formation. Primary school children find brands particularly important in the area of toys. Secondary level 1 children are important in buying branded articles in the categories of clothing, shoes and technology (mobile phones).

Focus on tour operators: Families judge whether a tour operator is family-friendly in particular on the basis of the parameters "children's prices" and "varied leisure activities", whereby tour operators must have offers for the entire family as well as for each individual family member. From the perspective of families, only a few tour operators succeed in developing a clear brand profile.

Focus on pharmaceuticals: ratiopharm is the brand with the highest awareness (supported and unprotected) and the highest likeability values among families. Overall, on the other hand, the image of pharmaceutical manufacturers is less that of partners, patients or families: they are classified as profit maximisers by almost 75% of the parents surveyed.

Focus on influencers: Children's favourite channels (6-14 years) remain YouTube and WhatsApp. Both children and parents include influencer recommendations in their consumption decisions. 77.2% of children and 76.0% of parents say they have "definitely" or "possibly" bought a product based on an influencer's recommendation. Influencers are thus an essential part of brand communication.



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